Big Stripers are Back in NJ, Fall 2017

Fall is always a question mark for the big stripers. Some years early, some late. Water temperature is the key. It has to be cool enough the get the fish inshore. This year, the late, warm fall kept them north and out deep. But now they’re back with a vengeance. My friend, Chuck Furimsky, founder of The Fly Fishing Show, and his son, Ben, current president and director of the company, found the big fish last week. Let’s hope it stays just warm enough and calm enough so the anglers can get out chasing these beauties. They took the fish on large—as in 10 inch long—bunker flies. Ya need at least a 10-weight to toss ‘em and to handle the big boys they take.

One striper like this can make a day.


And another to make everyone’s day!


The big stripers are eating bunker–sizable bait fish that run iin the 10 inch and up size.

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