“Jousey” Sharks

No, not the mafia—real sharks. My old friend, Chuck Furimsky, recently returned from a toothy critter trip for Northern Pike (which see). He then decided that pike teeth are not nearly toothy enough. So out on the big water off the coast of New Jersey to catch some big sharks—yes you have to use wire tippets. He used his incredibly effective “Chunk Head” fly, pulling the sharks close with a cut fish chum before showing them this cut bait fly. By the way, one does not unhook them with one’s hand—use a very long hook disgorger to do the job.

These were a bit bigger than the normal ones Chuck catches–very exciting to unhook.


Notice the wire tippet–essential on sharks of any size.


Yes, the Chunk Head is tied to look like a part of a baitfish.

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