More Night Tarpon

My old friend, Cap’t Jake Jordon is having a great tarpon season. The excitement of catching a big tarpon is only exceeded by catching them after dark. Here’s his latest report.

Greetings from Tarpon World

April 18, 2012: Tonight, Ann McComas (originally from Woodstown NJ) replaced her ill husband Jim to fly fish with Brian Long and I aboard “Fly Reel.” Brian is a Musky guide while Ann and Jim are avid Musky anglers from Wisconsin. After a short lesson on how to operate a 12 weight fly rod, Ann hooked, jumped, and fought seven Tarpon, weighing between 70 and 120 pounds. She had three of those fish within 10 feet from the boat however we did not land one. Ann is an awesome person, fun for me to fish with.

Brian wound up hooking, jumping, and fighting four Tarpon on fly, of which I leadered and released a big fish well over 100 pounds.

April 19, 2012: Tonight Brian was my angler while Jim who was not feeling well and he was aboard but not fishing. Brian Jumped 7 Tarpon tonight with a south wind of 10 knots, he landed two of them, one was 80 pounds while the other was close to 120 pounds. These guys are lots of fun to fish with and will be back next year for more Extreme night Tarpon on Fly! Stay tuned for more Tarpon on fly reports, I love my job, wish you were here.

The thrill of a big tarpon made all the more exciting at night!


  1. Cathy Mainardi says:

    Jake has spoken at our Saltwater fly club in Ocean City, NJ He is quite a guide. I would love to go red fishing with him in N. Carolina one of these days. Great Post.