International Fly Tying Symposium, part 1

The International Fly Tying Symposium was held in Somerset, NY the weekend before Thanksgiving. It’s a great event for anyone who loves the art and craft of fly tying. I always enjoy seeing the great display of the creative human spirit emerging in everything from emergers to monster mice and way beyond. And I enjoy seeing old friends and hearing what about new tools, tactics, materials, and design elements.

My old pal, Bill Keough, was at the show with a great display of finely tuned genetic capes, and with a great assortment of “old fashioned” big hackles for the likes of bass and tarpon hackles and the necessary feathers for big streamers. So much of the focus has been on producing hackle for the tiniest dries that the crying need for the big stuff has been overlooked. Well, Bill has not only all the great small stuff, but also the stuff that all of us who tie big flies can really use. See him on line at

Bill and a big pile of capes for everything from 28 to 2/0.


  1. Theo Bakelaar says:

    The syposium was great again with al those nice * crazy * tyers and fishermen. New things, new flies, new ideas and new friends. I like to come over from the Netherlands to enjoy al this stuff. Gary thanks for the friendship overthere again, it was good to talk about flyfishing in different ways…..East and West. And….riding a boat with Benji was harder than riding a wild Mustang in your prairie I guess,but still loved it.
    Thanks from Holland