In the olden days, one was sent to the woodshed to receive a good spanking for disobedience. Well, I’ve been to the woodshed, but not for punishment. Rather, for a work of love. Nancy is a creator of wood art on the lath, and needed a place to store her wood. She generously allowed me to put off building it until I had finished my fishing season for the year. Then, it was time for serious work. We ordered 3 yards of 1-3 inch gravel and laid a good drainage base for the 8 foot by 24 foot floor of the shed. The floor consisted of a frame and 2 x 4’s turned on edge and spaced every foot. The support posts are 4 x 4’s bolted to the floor frame. Next came the walls of 5/8″ T-1-111 sheet siding. This was followed by roof joists of 2 x 4’s spaced 24″ on center to support the plywood sheeting of the 12 x 28 foot  roof. The logs went in–some quite reluctantly,, but it’s amazing what a man with a will and cant hook can do. The door are tarps held securely with bungie cords. Air circulates freely, but precip is kept out. Now to move the mount of wood out of the garage and into the waiting shed.

Although not directly related to the fishing topics of this blog, the wood shed is the reason that I have not been posting with regularity over the past couple of weeks. So–expect a more regular posting of items again

Thanks for going to the woodshed with me.

I figured that I loaded well over 1200 shovels full into that wheelbarrow.

Nancy helped by raking the gravel drainage pad into place.

Finishing the floor and frame--this thing was put together with screws.

The walls going up.

The completed shed with the wood securely in place. Yes, it does snow in Wisconsin.

Ready for winter--the next day it snowed 13.5 inches with 20 to 30 mph winds, but the wood is a snug as a bug in the rug.


  1. Gary Eaton says:

    Nice work, friend. Wish I could of been there to lend a hand.- GE