Stonedaddy on the Truckee

In February, while speaking at the Fly Fishing Show in Pleasanton, CA, I had the opportunity to spend a few minutes with Doug Ouellette and discuss the fishing in the lower Truckee River. Doug operates the Truckee River Outfitters: For those who have not fished this river, let me say that it produces some rather sizable beasts—both browns and rainbows.

In our discussions, Doug mentioned his “Stonedaddy” fly. It’s an imitation that can match the big stonefly nymphs of the river and simultaneously mimic a tiny crayfish. The huge trout of the Truckee love it, and Doug has the photos to prove it. It’s a wonderful imitation that very nicely demonstrates the concepts of fly designing, and so I asked him for permission to include it in a couple of forthcoming books. He has graciously said. “yes.”

Have a look at a few of the big boys he and his clients have hoisted out of the Truckee on the Stonedaddy, and contact him if you want some of the same.

The Stonedady will be featured in an upcoming blog post.

The big browns of the Truckee love the Stonedaddy.

A fine, pot belly rainbow that gobbled the Stonedaddy.


  1. Cathy Mainardi says:

    Hi Gary. Great pics and interesting fly.

  2. Gary Borger says:

    Hi Cathie, I’ll put up photo and tying instructions of Stonedady soon.