Bunyan Bug Terrestrials

Bunyan Bugs aren’t just for movies anymore (A River Runs Through It). My old friend, John Beth, has breathed new life into this nearly century old imitation, using the basic design of a balsa body and hair wing as the foundation for a series of terrestrial imitations. They not only look tasty, but the fish think they’re tasty, too.

A Bunyan Bug Beetle.

A Bunyan Bug Hopper--Mmmm, looks tasty.

A whole box of Bunyan Bug terrestrials ready to fool some big trout.

A big brown that found a Bunyan Bug Terrestrial just too hard to refuse.


  1. Are these tied with whittled corks too?
    I have once tried to tie original Bunyan Bug. It took me almost three days to complete one without eating & sleeping (just kidding). http://leftyangler.blogspot.com/2010/06/bunyan-bug-attempt.html
    Actually the Bunyan Beetle seems very doable and efficient to try at my bench. Not to mention it looks very effective as a bug and an indicator fly.

  2. Gary Borger says:

    Thanks for the comment! Cork can be used, but it is much more tender than balsa, especially in the “pencil” form for the body of the Bunyan Bug. Yours look good.