Sea Trout in Denmark

Ever notice that fishermen always see the glass a half full?

Theo Bakelaar and friends spent a few day in Denmark fishing for sea trout. The winter’s ice had ripped out much of the near-shore weeds, and the bigger fish were not close in. The trip was great, but the fishing mostly for a few small ones. But as Theo mentioned, the big fish will be back in the fall.

Theo’s experience was the same as our steelhead fishing this year—basically didn’t happen. Too much rain and runoff. The fish came in, did their thing, and then left—all under dangerously high water. There’s always the fall when the kings and cohos and browns come in.

Nice looking water, but no near-shore weeds.

A nice, but small, sea trout. The big fish were not in close because the weeds were gone.

Big fish or smaller ones. It's unimportant when the glass is half full.