Hand-Rolled Soul

Jason has just posted the following notice on his blog. This is an excellent fit for both Jason and Kerry. Watch Jason’s blog, www.fishfliesandwater.com, for followup informaton. There are great things in the wind.

I’m now officially on-board with the C.F. Burkheimer (CFB) Fly Rod Company, serving in an “Advisory Staff” role. Kerry (the “K” who is actually the “C” in C.F.) and I agreed at the end of last week to the particulars, andmy mug is now up on CFB’s site.

For those of you who don’t know C.F. Burkheimer rods, well, there is no time like the present. Kerry has been rolling fiberglass and carbon cloth around steel mandrels for a long time, and was a protégé of the late Russ Peak. Don’t know who Russ Peak was? You should! I got my Russ Peak education when I lived in Southern California, and it’s safe to say that his name is secure in the halls of rod-designing legends.

CFB is a good fit for the likes of me, I think. They’re a small, fishing-focused brand that loves good design and artful execution. Walk into the shop in Washougal, Washington and you’ll find a hard-core crew cutting reel-seat blanks, shaping cork, rolling cloth, and wrapping guides. You’ll also find Kerry, designing fly rods with some “old school” flair: pencil, paper, and a sense of direction instilled from decades in the business.

As we go forward, I’ll be providing feedback and input on rod performance, as well as working with CFB on various media and education projects. In addition, my deal with CFB also includes a couple of special projects that will forthcoming. Stay tuned for more on that front.

Burkheimer is known for the tag-line, “one at a time, one of a kind,” and that is an apt description of the CFB rod-making process. But another tag-line that CFB uses, and the one that I think really says it all, goes like this:

C.F. Burkheimer — Hand-Rolled Soul

If you see me on the water this season and want to throw some soul, just wander over and say hello. And keep your eye on FF&W and the CFB site—we’ll both have announcements and new content related to rods, casting and fishing coming soon.


  1. Cathy Mainardi says:

    Sounds great Gary. Congratulations Jason.