The Asp

Fishing with flies started with trout. Our first records of fly fishing were made by the Romans about 100 AD, who observed a shepherd in Macedonia using flies to catch Marble Trout. But now that modern technology has stepped in and handed fly fishing nanotechnology, CNC machining, and CAD built lines, fly fishing has gone “whole hog,” and leapt into the waters held sacred by the gear guys—carp, pike, bass, gar, albacore, sailfish, marlin, and a host of other species. There’s great reward for the fly rodder willing to stretch beyond the confines of the trout str4eam.

Our friend, Theo Bakelaar, from Holland has had to do this simply because Holland is not the best place to fish for trout. There are a few, but there are many other species that are fly rod read, too. One of these is the “Asp.”As Theo explains, “they came over many years ago into our Dutch waters when the river Donau become too high. They hunt here for our small coarse fish and grow like crazy. It is a very strong fish and very clever. Hard to catch but in the fast current I could hook one on a popper. Fast stripping in the fast current, they have to take it ,yes or no. And when you hook one there is a party man, that fish runs like crazy in the current…..hard to stop. Its great fishing for them but hard.

If you’re a trout guy (like me), don’t turn away the chance to fish for other species. If they will take a fly, why not give them a chance. I’d like to have a go at the Asp in Holland. I’ll bet the take is savage and the fight equally so.

The Asp is a fish of heavy, fast water. Theo casts a popper and strips like crazy.

Heavy bodied and bright silver, the Asp is a great fly rod species.

An Asp of this size is a trophy, if for no other reason than the muscle needed to wrestle it ashore.

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