Infrequent Posts

I must apologize for the infrequent posts. Nancy and I are house hunting in the Vancouver WA area (right next to Portland, OR), and we spend a great deal of time driving around looking at potential places. I have not had much of a chance to do more than that and travel to shows and clubs across the nation.

However, the Show Season is over, and warmer weather is coming soon—as will the rainless days—and I plan to be out and about fishing and shooting photos, etc. And, as soon as we find the appropriate home, I’ll be able to get back into shooting photos and videos of fly tying, casting, and so on.

All this to say, hang tight. More, much more, to come. I am also in the process of getting a FaceBook page in play. Then, I can put up small items on a much more frequent basis. Thanks for hanging tough with me.


Thanks for your patience. Watch for my FaceBook page.


Steelhead Are In-2016

My friend, and great blues guitarist, Keith Scott is also a more that dedicated fly fisher. He sent the photo below of a spring steelhead. The time is ripe, and when water conditions are right, this is what’s available.


Spring is sprung, the grass is rise, I know where the steelheads is.

Edson Brass Eyes

Bill Edson was one of the early bucktail innovators. Flies like his Edson Light Tiger and Edson Dark Tiger are still superb trout flies. As he designed his flies, he wanted to add jungle cock eyes to them, but had trouble getting them. So he added small, oval brass eyes in their place. These added weight to the head, and gave the flies a jigging movement. This jigging action gave the imitations tremendous appeal to the trout, and likewise tremendous appeal to the angler.

When I wrote “Long Flies,” and discussed Edson’s early use of a weighted head, his brass eyes were basically a thing of the past. But this weekend, while speaking the Fly Fishers of Virginia, Phil Johnson gave me some of the Edson eyes. They are indeed now available from Whitetail Fly Tying Supply-see Edson Brass Eyes at:

Clip off the broad flat end of the eye and trim the smaller flat portion to a taper before tying it in, to keep the head as small as possible.


Edson Brass Eyes–his answer to Jungle Cock.

Fly Fishing Show Lancaster PA 2016

The Fly Fishing Show at Lancaster PA opened today(3-5-16) with a strong crowd that only got stronger during the day. I offer a casting class in the morning, followed Nya stint in the Author’s Booth, a casting demo, and a Power Point program on The Angler as Predator. Great day. Lefty Kreh and Joe Humphries also gave casting demos. All were very well attended.


Lefty demonstrating his sidearm backcast.


Lefty demo-ing his sidearm forward stroke.

Fly Fishing Show Pleasanton Day 3

Another lovely day in California. The day started with a Bible study at 8am and progressed swiftly into a fly casting class, followed almost immediately by a PowerPoint Presentation on Nymphing, then a casting demo, and a book signing session. I had a break over the lunch hour and could spend some time listening to my friend Dave Blackburn play banjo for the crowd. During that time, a father and little girl came and sat at a nearby table. Everyone was taken by her precious smile and precocious, outgoing nature. When Dave finished his gig, he went and sat with her and played a song just for her. What a delight for everyone—including Dave. Fly Fishing Shows are always a fun event.


Sun flashing off his banjo’s face, Dave played his heart to the little cutie.



The Fly Fishing Show Pleasanton Day 2

The second day is always the busiest. A fly casting class from 8:30 to 11, and then a Power Point Program (Reading Waters), a casting demo, a fly tying demo, and a stint in the author’s booth. All fun, but also tiring. But, the Show must go on.

The casting demo is always fun because the crowd gets to interact and participate. And they do. One of the exercises is learning the Three Point Grip (see Grip in the Categories to the left). One of the steps in the process is pointing. No one ever points with the thumb, always with the index finger. It’s a fun exercise, and everyone laughs-especially when I ask to take their picture.

Tomorrow starts with a Bible study at 7:45, and then another casting class from 8:30 to 11 followed by a Power Point Program on Nymphing, a casting demo, and time at the author’s booth. By the way, the weather is wonderful. Warm and no real wind to speak of. Great for teaching casting.



Quite the bunch of pointers. I offered to give permission slips to all those who needed an excuse to show “mommy.”


I know posting is rude, but not in fly casting. It’s the best way to hold the rod.

Fly Fishing Show, Pleasanton Day 1

The Show opened today (Friday 2/26/16) with the roar of the crowd. When the din of the crowd exceeds discussion at even a slightly elevated auditory level, then you know that it’s a good one. And roar they did. I did a casting demo, book signing, fly tying demo, and a Power Point presentation on “The Angler as Predator.”

Tomorrow will start much earlier with a casting class from 8:30 to 11am followed by the same events as today. The Power Point will be on Reading the Water. California can be very lovely this time of year, and so it is. Balmy days, and all the trees in flower. Very nice indeed.


Remember it’s a Show. Simon Gawesworth taking off his shoes to wade into the casting pond and demonstrate placement of the P spot when Roll Casting or Spey Casting.


Simeon points to the P Spot and notes that it should not be allowed to get behind the angler when making a roll cast or Spey cast.

Pleasanton Fly Fishing show 2016

Whew, We have been house hunting in the Vancouver, WA, area and not been successful to this point. But that’s another story. The Fly Fishing Show at Pleasanton is coming up fast, and it seems that the weather will cooperate and the show will go on. I’m excited about this year’s Show because it will be larger and better than ever. I have much to do each day, so come and say Hi at any of the events I’m involved in:

On Friday, my first PowerPoint Presentation will be “The Angler as Predator.” Come and see what makes an average angler, and how to get that turned around and be more than average.

Then I offer casting classes in both Saturday and Sunday mornings. Always great fun to learn The Perfect Cast. There will also be fly tying demos, and casting demos. See ya there.


Want to be only an average angler? Come see how.

Somerset Fly Fishing Show 2016

This year’s Show in Somerset missed the big snowfall by a week. I was not the only one glad for the “near miss.” Friday’s show opened with a bang; the crowd was very good. Plenty of people in attendance, plenty of “fishing speak” all over the place, and great attendance at all the talks. Saturday opened not with a bang, but with an explosion. The crowd roared in and stayed roaring all day long. As I signed books, I had to yell to get people’s names, and they had to yell back. The casting class I offered at 8:30 to 11 am was filled, and we all had a great time. Tomorrow’s is sold out, too. The talks went off without a hitch and with a robust crowd. The casting demo was jammed with attendees—all willing to run through the pointing, “six’shooter” exercises, and all the other pantomime moves. Fun, and then some. Fly tying was also great fun, and I demonstrated as many of the 42 hackling methods as possible in an hour. I used my new “Ikea Loop Spinner,” much to the amusement and delight of the crowd.

Tomorrow promises to be another great show day. I start with a Bible study at 7:30ish and then tear off to do the casting class at 8:30. Then on to book signing, another PowerPoint program and a casting Demo. I have been using the new Hardy Wraith, 905 for the casting demos. What a rod! Such a delight to cast—makes me look extra good, and that’s always a plus. Can’t wait to fish it as soon as I have a chance.


Friday’s crowd was great, and they “stalked” the aisles, watching they fly tyers, flexing rods, cranking reels, and generally having a delightful time.


Today’s crowd was massive. It was shoulder to shoulder in the aisles, and the booths were crowded with eager anglers, talking up a storm. One hears of the roar of the crowd–today’s was roaring.


Mommy said not to point, but pointing is essential to easy and good casting.


The pointing exercise is to demonstrate one of the great features of the Three Point Grip–where you point is where you cast.


High Speed Spinning Tool

This weekend I am at the Fly Fishing Show in Somerset, NJ. But before the show, I am taking a day to be with the Mainline Fly Tiers, near Philadelphia, PA. We will have an afternoon fly tying workshop from 2-4 and then an evening program at 7.

My friend, Jay Kapolka, picked me up at the airport. We had dinner together and then he dropped me at my hotel. On the way, he told me he had a present for me. I was a small electric whip to froth milk, but it was modified my bending the end of the whipping wire into a small hoop. He told me that Hans Van Klinken had shown it to him and that he got it at Ikea. Then I remembered that Hans had shown it to me at the EWF show in Munich, Germany, last spring. Being a show, it was all I could do to acknowledge that it was a great tool, and race wildly onward. I wanted to talk to Hans about it, but never got the chance. What a serendipitous way to finally get a chance to not only see it up close, but to actually have one and use it.

Its use? Well, the thin metal wire spins at incredible speed, and with a small hook at the end, it makes the perfect spinning tool. More than perfect—it twists the loop so fast that it’s stunning. Wow, thanks, Jay. And I know where the Ikea store is near us in Portland, OR.


Milk frothing tool from Ikea modified by bending tip



A small hook and it’s a spinning tool,deluxe